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======The Adventurer's Academy======
==[[AdventurersAcademy|The Adventurer's Academy]] > The Academy Itself==

The current official name of the school is the Ornath Academy of Elemental Survival and Science, however everyone calls it by the more traditional name of "The Adventurers' Academy" except in the most formal of documents and business dealings. The Academy is thousands of years old and older than any of the written histories belonging to the currently existing nations or city-states. The Academy has been taken by force and sacked at least twice in its existence, renamed frequently, and has been remodeled or rebuilt periodically.

By tradition, the Academy is neutral ground and a neutral party in terms of territorial conflicts or political battles between other parties. It has on occasion provided a neutral place for parties to negotiate treaties -- either in secret or in public. Its students are, for the duration that they are students, supposed to set aside their allegiances and politics and focus on their studies, learning, and working with their fellow classmates. In practice, this works out to varying degrees. While in theory a purely neutral party, the Academy is its own floating city, with its own small economy, and a very well-practiced if not always disciplined defense force of graduate students and professors who are all experienced adventurers and who tend to be very well equipped. The leaders of the Academy have been known to use the neutral status of the Academy to influence by moving the Academy into influential or important trade routes and thus creating a neutral zone which can complicate the actions of nations or city-states in trying to control traffic or move military forces through. ("Tell the rogue and spy instructors that they may award extra credit for any ... uncouth vessels that happen to suffer unusual failures, thefts, or problems for trying to pass through the neutral space around the Academy. A sufficiently impressive performance, and the students may be awarded some trifle from the graduate equipment vaults.")

===Academy History - Known, Suspected, and Rumored===
- The true origin of the Academy is lost in history. Academy records have been badly damaged in the past during the two times it was sacked (roughly 2200 and 1400 years ago). There are artifacts in the deepest vaults which are marked as dangerous with no record as to why.
- There is some suspicion that there has been more than one 'Academy' in the past, or possibly branches or outposts of the Academy, possibly in other planes.
- There are the occasional rumors that the Academy is the true seat of power in the world, and that all the city-states and nations are puppets controlled by the Academy. At some points during the Academy history, this might have actually been true to some extent.
- The oldest floating island in the Academy is the main student level, that has dormitories, classrooms, and living facilities. There are some records which suggest it may be the original Academy. Some of the professors who have studied the Academy itself suspect that the main student island may itself be an artifact which embodies a concept of 'School' and that the power of that embodiment is what has allowed to Academy to survive, rebuild, and continue its purpose.

===Academy Influence and Relationships===
- Academy alumni tend to have a fair amount of respect towards the institution and their instructors, and many alumni have gone on to rise to positions of influence after they have decided to stop being adventurers. There tends to be an informal agreement that the Academy will continue to remain neutral and try to avoid interfering with alumni interests and the alumni pass on tidbits of information on any threats or plots that might affect the Academy's neutrality and independence.
- The Academy actually has a fair number of branch offices scattered around many of the city-states. Most of these are primarily for admissions testing and candidate qualification and preparation, but some also have some small facilities for other activities or rooms that adventurers on Academy business can stay in.
- In places with particularly interesting ruins or magical phenomena, the Academy maintains small outposts. These can range from a handful of tents and maybe a semi-permanent building, to small fortresses. Since these are primarily in out of the way and/or hostile environments, not many outside of the Academy know of them. Some may actually be in the elemental planes.

===Academy Facilities===
- TODO: student housing, faculty housing, administrative staff housing, maintenance/service staff housing, port and ship berthing, shipyard (for training students), crafting facilities, research, merchant/trade area, private residences/adventurers' guild recruiting area, classrooms, training areas/fields, libraries, warehouses, etc.

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