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A student of the White Gate, Rachel D'Amalthea is a magistrate's daughter born in the region of Goldenhill, a highly civilized city surrounded by farmlands, gardens, and wineyards.

A pretty grey-and-white "paint" unicorn, Rachel has a dancer's build: small chest, narrow waist, and long legs. Her white mane is normally tied back in an elaborate braid, and she carries herself with a serious demeanor.

She is a druid, strongest in the spheres of healing (with primal life force), nature manipulation, which allows her to cause plants to grow with amazing speed and purposefulness, and animal calling, which allows her to summon nearby animals and ask their aid in a cause. Summoned animals are not normally possessed of morphic-level intelligence, so they cannot carry out complex tasks, but she is able to mind-link herself to a chosen animal and see through its eyes. She is average in weather manipulation (calling or dismissing rain and wind). She is weakest in the beast sphere: while she has mastered a travel form (doe) and flying form (nightingale), she needs to master a combat form in order to graduate.

Her father is a magistrate, a district's High Judge in the Low Court, where the High Court is reserved for nobles. As such, he most frequently arbitrates dissent between peasants and merchant guildsmen, but he also administers the orders posted by Goldenhill such as collection of special taxes, making him a feared and respected man. Her mother is a merchant family's daughter.

Unlike most druids, she doesn't fear or distrust civilization and cities; having grown up in one, her view of nature is rather more garden-like or park-like than wild and untraveled. This may account for her difficulties in mastering the beast sphere.

Likes: Kinryu.
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