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======Plot Notes======
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=====The Mysterious Artifact=====
- This is the Monkey's Paw which sets the stage for the story.
- When found, it was a small softly glowing alicorn statuette that was inside a small, immutable chest. The chest had protected the statuette from being passed through from elemental plane to elemental plane until it re-emerged in the prime plane. Mysterious enchanted statuettes are not exactly uncommon in a world of adventurers -- but a chest that could contain one even through centuries of planar conflicts is another matter. Particularly when the chest had a crest engraved on it that bore a close resemblance to the crest of the Adventurers' Academy, but with some minor differences. Is it an older version of the Academy crest, or an ancient, forgotten competitor, or different branch of the Academy? If the chest came from the Academy, was the artifact being transported to the Academy, or was it being carried away/stolen?
- After discovery, it appears to have granted the accidental, casual wishes of its discoverers, just not in the manner they would have expected or desired. (It is possible that the exact wording of the wishes is not remembered, just the rough idea of what was said before the artifact activated.)
- After activation, the artifact stopped glowing and appears to now be a mostly inert stone statuette.
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