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======Fluffy and Shy======

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The shared identity of Tuftears Adorienne and Dandelion Cloudrunner, more often known as "Fluffyshy."

A trader's son out of the region of Goldenhill, Tuftears and his older brother, Anthian, were accepted into the Adventurers' Academy. Near the end of his first year, while on a field trip, he made an unwise wish upon a Mysterious Artifact, whereupon he found himself transformed (along with several others) -- he had become a rather pretty female pegasus! While this would seem positive in ensuring a healthy dating lifestyle, he has not taken well to the accompanying changes in lifestyle required. He is presently enrolled under the new identity of Dandelion Cloudrunner, as a first year student in order to give him some leeway to relearn his new body's ways and mysteries.

His family are unaware of this and believe that he is on an extended field trip. Since his older brother attends the academy, this is sure to lead to some misunderstandings...

=====Tuftears Adorienne=====

A male lynx, five feet eight in Old Imperial measurement with long black hair normally tied back in a ponytail, digitigrade legs, and a tawny pelt, lightly accented on his paws and flanks. He attempts to emulate his older brother, Anthian, who is the good-looking fast-talking swashbuckler type, but generally overreaches and winds up looking foolish. Otherwise than that, he has a fondness for books and dreaming.

His father was a trader, descended of spice traders and airship crew, who made good money on the moderately dangerous spice route between Goldenhill and Avu Jhati, until he ran afoul of a nest of elementals. His mother retired from the mercantile business to be a priestess at a shrine in Goldenhill. His older brother is a third year student at the Adventurers' Academy.

Since his father only had a share of a ship which went down in flames along with its cargo, Tuftears has no expectation of someday inheriting a trader's command; however after what Anthian refers to as 'the interesting incident with the lady in red', they found themselves possessed of scholarships to the Adventurers' Academy, on the understanding that they would serve in the Goldenhill's growing defense forces on graduation... And that Anthian would keep strictly silent on the details of the incident.

Both Tuftears and Fluffyshy are given to carrying the rogue's traditional "Bag o' Tricks", which includes smoke bombs, flashbangs, blackjack, marbles, oil, lockpicks, and a few other essentials. Tuftears is attempting to master the rapier, but so far his expectation that fencing would be 'just like in the plays' have led him astray, every time.

Tuftears has very little magic, but is stronger in affinity with the element of water.

=====Dandelion "Fluffyshy" Cloudrunner=====

A pretty yellow-colored pegasus with soft, long pink hair that drapes across one eye, Fluffyshy is the same height as Tuftears but her persistent shyness makes her look smaller. She is long legged and attractively built, with little fat, and weighs less than she looks like she should -- her bones are hollow to reduce her body weight.

Her supposed tribe, the Cloudrunners, are believed to have been wiped out by a barbarian attack, with Fluffyshy's survival explained as having hidden in a water barrel.

Like Tuftears, she carries a rogue's traditional "Bag o' Tricks". She favors the bow; as the instructor advised her when she attempted daggers, "Better choose a distance weapon, at close range, all anyone will have to do is //stare// at you and you'll be flustered and drop your guard."

She can use Sudden Breeze, a cantrip-level air domain spell, for no more than a few minutes at a time. She is able to fly, but unpracticed.
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