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======Episode 01: Everything Old is New Again======
==[[AdventurersAcademy|The Adventurer's Academy]] > [[AAEpisodes|The Episodes]] > Episode 01: Everything Old is New Again==

=====Episode Details=====
- Type (stand alone, story arc, holiday special, etc.) = Introduction
- Goal (advance plot X, story filler, stand alone humor, stand alone character development ) = Introduce main characters and setting, start basic plot threads, show living quarters
- Synopsis:
- Two new female students are shown around the Adventurers' Academy by an elderly griffin mage who will be their advisor. The two students show a strange familiarity with some aspects of the school, but sometimes a strange ignorance about themselves. Initial encounters with fellow students suggest that times will be interesting as the two students settle in to their school-sponsored scholarship that covers their lodging and living expenses and face their first tests as their skills are evaluated to see which classes they should be taking for both academia and adventuring.
- Cast
- [[AAFluffyAndShy|Dandelion Cloudrunner]]
- [[AATheScalyDuo|Samanthia Stormdancer]]
- [[AAProfFeinheston|Professor Feinheston]]
- Boone
- Identikitties

=====AAEpisode 01: Everything Old is New Again=====

- Include Professor Feinheston's alternate form to show the 'old' is 'new again' to follow the title theme.
- Possibly have the title theme echoed by some of the faculty looking at the two students and going "Two students, no background, full if minimum scholarship, own quarters, signed off by the Academy President, and awkward in their own bodies. Uh-huh. You two are //that// kind of new student."
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